Stop. Get off. And Breathe.

Hello there, it’s Tina.

I love the internet.  I love it because I can talk to like-minded people who share the same interests with me. I love it because can listen to indie bands from across the world. I love it because I’ve made real friends on here. People who I am dying to meet in real life. But, I find it immensely hard to simply get off and go about my daily life. All that awesome stuff I just listed only takes up about one third of my time on the internet. The rest is legitimately ‘wasted time’.  School? Nah TUMBLR! Chores? Nah FACEBOOK! Read? Nah YOUTUBE! Write? Nah FACEBOOK! I’ll spend hours just staring at the same posts on my facebook news feed, waiting for something mildly amusing (spoiler alert, it never comes).Often times I stop and think, “What am I even doing on this website? What is it accomplishing?”  I’ll tell you, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. What do I do after this thought enters my brain? I keep scrolling. I tell myself I need to get off and do stuff, but I never do.

Two weeks ago a powerful storm broke our internet antenna *cue horror movie music and lightening flash*. No internet? For almost ten days? OTTOKE!? (For those of you who don’t know, that means ‘what to do’ in Korean) I know what you’re thinking, that all I did for ten days was lay on the floor and drool because I didn’t have my precious internet. To my  surprise the answer is actually no. I DID STUFF FOR I WAS FREE! FREE I SAY! I read, I caught up on school, at night instead of chatting for hours on facebook I WENT TO SLEEP. I slept and it made it possible to get up early. I’m pretty sure I found inner peace in those ten days. It was amazing.
Unfortunately, our wifi has only been back up for a few days and I’m already getting back into that horrid rut again. Youtube, facebook, twitter for hours while I could and should be doing something else. ‘NO TINA! DON’T GO BACK!’ I scream at myself as I have an outer body experience. I see myself, head phones on, back hunched over, scrolling.
Just endlessly,




scrolling my life away.

I am putting my foot down. This is not how I’m going to spend my years as a teenager and a young adult.  Nay, it’s not how I’m going to spend the rest of my life. The internet should be used (just like everything else) in moderation. We must have self control, be firm with ourselves. (I’m sorry, the music I’m jamming to right now is making me preachy *coughs* It All Starts Here by Magic Man *cough*) Set a certain time of day for internet, perhaps when you get home from school/work if you need to unwind. Just remember to limit your time. I really need to, the internet makes me lazy, forgetful and it makes me miss out on important moments in life. If you sigh and tell me, “Tina, I don’t have a life.” You sir, are lying. You have a life. Our lives on this earth were given to us with a purpose and a goal. You just might not have found out what that is yet, and you’re not going to if you spend countless hours in front of a computer. My purpose is to serve my God and glorify Him in all the things I do. My goal is to become a teacher. I can’t do those things staring at my facebook news feed for hours.  I am going to spend my time more wisely and live life to the fullest. I hope you do too.

Tina out.


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