MONTHLY GOALS // September Edition

IMG_1031 (2)

Hello, here. Are you doing well? I woke up a little late..the morning heat that creeps through the window in the room I share with this lovely lady above, made me a little lazy. It was your birthday just this past week. You turned 14…I know it’s a hard period in your life but you’ll get through it with grace. You turned into a bookworm this year and everything time I see you, you were are either reading or chewing my ear off talking about reading.  I need to learn to listen to you more. You also got a cat that you named Hermione and when you tickle her, she laughs, which is weirdly amusing as it looks a bit scary.

As I am a maker of lists, a note taker, I thought I would make one for this month. This is surely going to be all over the place as this month has been hectic already. It’s also extremely late in getting this out. I put it off and put it off (oh the joys of the procrastinator in me)…and it’s finally here. My first sort of blog. My dear, Tina has already done this a few times…this is my first. It’s oddly freeing, knowing that once you’ve done the writing, you post it and it’s out there. For everyone to see or for no one at all, that’s a kind of beautiful.


+ Working out 4-5 times a week. Volleyball season is starting, which means I need to start working more often than not…

+ Drinking 6 glasses of water a day. 

+ Clean out my boxes of photos, letters, odds and ends, and organize them. I currently have 3 shoe boxes filled with those things, my mind is in need of clearing those out. 

+ Simplify all aspects my life and breathe. This means….(see next item)

+ Less internet. 

+ Read through as many books I have out from the library and friends as possible. They’re starting to pile up!

+ Spend time with God daily. This is something I’ve been working on..


+ Finish my short story. 

+ Come up with more ideas for secret project with Sophie. 

+ Play music once a day. Even if it’s only for a few moments. 

+ Use my camera at least once a week, and upload them to the computer. 

My mind feels a little more clear now. What do you hope to accomplish is month..or week? Sincerely, Saralyn


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