K-Formal: Imagined by Tina

Hello everyone! I was inspired by Joni’s post to make a K-formal.  It’s simple, just pick a person, an outfit,  a venue and write about them. Writing about the events of the eveing is completely optional, I actually came up with it myself to my own embarrassment. I know this is rather silly!  My face nearly fell off from smiling and laughing so much while writing this (my cheeks hurt!). I hope you enjoy reading this imaginary date. Come on, it’s not like you’ve never thought about what it’d be like to go on a date with your celebrity crush or your favorite fictional character!! Although my future self with probably be super embarrassed. I want you to make a post too! So I won’t feel so ridiculous alone! Happy daydreaming*:・゚✧

the dress

I searched Pinterest high and low for the perfect dress. I finally found it, the ruffles, silver design, and bow add a sense of elegance without being too flashy. It doesn’t scream look at me, but it doesn’t say look away either, *un-subtle wink*. I was worried about it being sleeveless, but now I see it as an open invitation for my date to be chivalrous later in the evening and offer me his jacket. All my hair except some of my bangs are tied up in a bun. I decided to wear a pair of black flats with this dress, and a cream colored shawl that I will carelessly leave in the car or restaurant.




Hyuk ♡ #VIXX

I’d like to tell you how Han Sang Hyuk and I met. It was last November, (note: I did not make this up, it actually happened last year.) My older sister and I bought VIP tickets to the VIXX showcase in Dallas Texas. It was my first concert, one that I didn’t think would ever happen (Vixx is a Korean boy band in case you didn’t know). I was dying of anticipation for months before the night of the concert. I almost didn’t want the day to come, because that would mean it would have to end. We did not only buy VIP tickets, we also bought merchandise. The company organizing the event said that there was a chance you’d get to high five Vixx if you bought merch. I was excited there was a chance of seeing them up close, but I was completely content with seeing them on stage, it was more than enough for me. (It was one of those things that I never thought would happen to me anyway.)
The night came, my stomach tossed and turned with excitement. I screamed my lungs out, laughed, almost cried and sang along with my boys.  The end came, I was sweaty and still pumped full of adrenaline. “Please check your merch bangs to see if you got a wrist band.” A man said on stage. I had noticed a red wrist band in the bag before the show had started, I didn’t think much of it. At that moment I thought it still didn’t mean anything. My sister said I could have it, as a birthday gift (thank you sista!)  They announced that red band was for the high five. I almost gave it to my sister, I was so scared. I was filled with anxiety, I don’t like big moments to happen because I hate it when they end.  And they always end, but I ended up keeping the wrist band.
After waiting a bit and worrying if my cat eye eyeliner had smeared from sweat I FINALLY got in line. Everything happened so fast, almost too fast. I sometimes question whether it actually happened, but it did. I followed a bunch of people into a room and immediately fixed my eyes on Leo. He smiled at me, I went up to him, surprised at my boldness and low fived his hand. After I did this a wave of shyness came over me and fixed my gaze on the other member’s hands. Not daring to look up.
I came to the end of the table they were standing in front of and saw a pair of shoes standing next to it.  I looked up as my hand found a soft warm hand. There in front of me was a smiling boy. I wasn’t really familiar with this member, he was always really quiet and off on the side lines. That night while they were on stage was the first time I really noticed him. He came out of his shell, and it caught my attention. His name was Hyuk. His toothly grin and sweet eyes made me forget everything about myself.  I didn’t move my hand away and neither did he, we both stood in a sort of limbo for what seemed like minutes (it was probably more like three seconds). I was brought back to reality when a girl in front of me yelled ‘Thanks for coming to Texas’ as she left the room. I thought I should say something too. I was about to say the same thing she said ( very original, Tina) when someone said not to hold up the line. UM EXCUSE YOU I’M MEETING THE LOVE OF MY LIFE HERE! All I could stifle was a twitterpated “Hiiiiiiii~” before I was ‘shoved’ out the door.
*deep sigh*  After we stared into each other’s eyes for those amazing three seconds I fell in love. I hope foolishly that the feeling was mutual.

the venue

I picked a classy restaurant ‘under the sea’ in the heart of a big city. I thought the glass tanks give the allusion of seclusion. It has an almost ‘cozy’ ambiance to it without being dark or cramped.


Almost a year after we first met Hyuk found me through extensive twitter stalking. During the months previous the both of us hardly stopped thinking about one another. He was coming to the U.S. for K-con and asked if I could meet him. I eagerly agreed, giving him a time and place.
I ‘left’ my shawl in the taxi when we met each other in front of the restaurant. We exchanged greetings and went in together, both of us nervous and conscience about ourselves.  Not long after we were seated formality and stiffness disappeared.  A warm conversation blossomed, all past worries had been melted. We ate a delightful vegan dinner and marveled at the creatures that curiously  watched over us.
After dinner Hyuk and I wandered to the great dance floor in the restaurant. We childishly laughed as we pointed out that we were the youngest souls there. We danced several waltzes and a few group dances.  Even though we did not tire of the violin and cello music we set our minds to go some place else. “How about the park?” He asked. “Just what I was thinking.” I answered.
The sky was dark when we left the restaurant. (It felt slightly alien since it had been bright when we arrived.) We walked together to the nearest park.  Occasionally our shoulders brushed against each other. The thought of holding hands must have crossed both our minds, but we were too scared to be daring and grab the other’s hand. We didn’t say a word as we walked, we blissfully enjoyed each other’s presence.
It was not a grand park in scale, but it was lovely. Fairy lights bloomed in the darkness around us.
The sky grew darker, painted blue on blue, one stroke at a time, into deeper and deeper shades of night.”   ― Haruki Murakami,  Dance Dance Dance

Not many souls were in sight as we strolled on the sidewalk. We made more conversation about interests, family, and compared our childhoods. The air grew crisp, and as every girl hopes, my date gave me his jacket, (score! *fist pump*).
Hyuk casually put his hands in his pockets. My face grew hot as I locked my arm around his, slightly embarrassed at my display of affection. I stole a glance at him, my stomach fluttered when I saw a bashful smile flash across his youthful face. He drew me a little closer and I rested my head against his shoulder, (which was the perfect height). We didn’t say much then, only a few comments about our surroundings and what they reminded us of. It had gotten scandalously late when he announced the two of us should say goodnight. He had to preform at K-con the next day and I was flying home in the morning.
Despite the fact that our hotels were in completely different parts of LA, Hyuk insisted on seeing me safely arrive at my hotel building. I followed standard ‘date procedure’ by politely protesting, clearly not meaning what I said.
Hyuk stepped out of the taxi with me in front of my hotel for a final goodnight. The nervousness from the beginning of the evening returned to us. We stood shyly avoiding each other’s eyes, saying a lot of ‘um’s’. A pit formed in my stomach when I realized I might not see him again. I didn’t want the night to end and by the boy’s smile I could see the feeling was mutual. I stepped toward him, placing my hands on his pale smooth face. The boy was a bit taken a back. Awkwardly I rose to my tiptoes and bent his head down, planting a kiss on his forehead. “Goodnight.” I said.



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