Sunshine Award: Korean Drama Edition

My sister Rebecca tagged me in this thing.  It’s a nice change from all the teenage-angst posts I’ve been working on.  The play list I’m listening to as I write this is Sweden Laundry, I think it’s very fitting.  OK LET’S GET STARTED!! Rules :

  • Answer the questions from the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate a few other bloggers
  • Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated.
  • Notify the bloggers on their blog.

Rebecca was too lazy to make up her own questions, so I just stole from other bloggers. 1. What was the first Korean drama you ever watched and why did you give it a try? The first Korean drama I watched was You’re Beautiful, (aka He’s Beautiful). I had looked into a lot of kdramas at that time, but when I heard it was about a soon-to-be-nun cross dressing as her brother I was SOLD! (I love shows about mistaken identity). You’re Beautiful. This is my second favorite Korean drama. Full of silly moments and sweetness! 2. What Kdrama song or OST stayed on you for a long time? *facepalm* UGH! All through out the weeks I spent fangirling over Heartstrings, this song was playing through my head almost constantly. And I didn’t know the words, so I’d just yell “BA DA BA BE SO! NA NA NA NA NA!!! SARANGHAAAEEE!” and “SEEEE YOUR EYESSS!!!” (During this drama, my sister and I nicknamed YongHwa turtle face. He’s probably my favorite turtle.) tumblr_mtfyfezV1s1s7vpl4o3_500.gif (500×200) 3. What drama gave you the longest hangover? Goodness gracious great balls of fire. My longest drama hangover was City Hunter. It lasted for MONTHS! That drama destroyed me. Let’s go together. I may not know where the end is…but if we go together, it won’t be lonely. ^ I don’t even know what that is, I KNOW EVEN KNOW ANYMORE *sobs* 4. What drama cliche, if any, are you sick of? Um, how a about ALL OF THEM? Ok ok, I’ll be more specific. Uhhm, I’m getting real tired of female leads who don’t stand up for themselves and take crap from everyone, including the first male lead. Their go to line is “As long as he’s happy, that’s all that matters” YEAH I know love is supposed to be about sacrifice, but if a guy was as mean to me as some male leads are, I wouldn’t give him the time of day. *Takes Wonder Woman stance* 5. Which Kdrama character would be your ideal love of your life? *Blushes loudly* Why, Dongjun from Boarding House no. 24 of course. When he helps Do Hee come out of her comfort zone, he’s very kind and gentle, even though he doesn’t quiet understand what she’s going through. He’s very energetic and silly, but deep down he’s actually mature. I always liked his character, but the moment I fell for him was when he took Do Hee on a ‘practice date’ and she was super nervous that people were staring at her, so he wrapped her scarf around his head to distract the other customers to they wouldn’t stare at her. That’s the kind of man I want in my life. Kim DongJun :) Look at dat face, just look at it 6.What was the worst drama you ever saw? Close tie between Bread, Love, and Dreams and Nail Shop Paris. I saw almost all of Bread, Love, and Dreams, it went on way too long and the plot was ridiculous. I only watched about five episodes of Nail Shop Paris, it was boring, weird (not the good kind of weird) and just overall low quality. 7. What is a drama than you can watch over and over again? I have never watched a Kdrama from start to finish a second time. But ones I think I could watch again would be Protect the Boss or Flower Boy Next Door. 8. What Kdrama would you recommend to a newbie? I practically forced a friend of mine to watch Flower Boy Next Door, and I think she liked it. She didn’t scream “NO NO NO TURN IT OFF!” Every time we watched it together. So that one. 9. What’s your favorite word in Korean? “HEOL!” Which is an expression similar to “What the-?” The character’s say it a lot in Boarding House 24 and it’s so funny XD Awww man! That’s all the questions!! OTTOKAJI! I here by tag Anna! Anna, here are your questions! 1. How did you find out about kdramas? 2. What was the last kdrama you watched? 3. Your least favorite kdrama character of all time? 4. Name a moment when you thought one of the drama leads needed to be smacked in the face. 5. What was one of the funniest kdrama scenes you’ve seen? 6. Name the best kdrama kiss you’ve ever witnessed. 7. Which second male lead is your soul mate? 8. Worst Kdrama you’ve ever seen? 9. Name a classic fairy tale you think should be made into a kdrama.


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