Japanese Indie/Alternative Rock Bands You Should Be Listening to Right Now by Tina

Originally I was going to make this in vlog format, but currently I’m having computer trouble, and a new computer is not in my near future. Written word is my best way of communication anyway, so here we go!

My favorite hobby, one that I enjoy more than reading and writing, is listening to and discovering music.
I’m not a musically inclined person. I can’t play an instrument and I can’t sing (no matter how much  denial I have, it just ain’t there). Even though I can’t make music, it doesn’t mean I can’t express myself though it. The more I listen to songs that are in words I don’t understand, the more I realize that music is so much deeper than words. Music can speaks past the lyrics. A melody is a story, and if you know me, you know I love creating stories.
When I really got into anime I dapped a toe into J-music. I would mostly listened to anime openings, I never ventured far from that.  Eventually I did discover more than just anime themes and since then I’ve gone through a lot of genres and groups. I’ve tried on hair metal, J-pop, even J-hip-hop! But nothing really drew me in until I came upon J-rock. One of the main reasons I love it is the BASS. In J-rock the bass is loud and it’s unique in every song. I JUST LOVE IT SO FREAKING MUCH. I could go on, but I won’t. Here are some ‘Japanese Rock Groups You Need to Be Listening to Right Now”.

Not in any particular order, they all have their own style and they all sound amazing.

I love everything about this. The upbeat song, the lead singer’s pleasant voice, the colors, the stormy setting. Pure bliss.

The Novembers
Most of their songs have a sleepy vibe, which is nice to hear when you’re writing a certain scene or when you’re having one of those nights where you stare at the ceiling for hours. They have a few ‘harder’ songs. I like both sides of them. (Available on spotify)

Hello Sleepwalkers
Unlike the last two songs, Hello Sleepwalkers have a much different style. Their music is beautiful organised chaos. (Also they have a female bassist? And she sings? How awesome is that.)

Hyakkei is a strictly instrumental band. This entire album is good for spacing out and getting lost in your own thoughts. (Available on spotify)

If I was only aloud to pick one artist to show you, it’d be them. They’re my favorite J-rock band. And that is a lot coming from me because I can never pick favorites. As I wrote this I was having difficulty describing their style. I looked up their bio to get some ideas; it stated that they are “post-apocalyptic and aggressive” which is exactly what they are, *whispers* and I love them. (Available on spotify)

Brian the Sun
I think after all these slightly depressing songs it’s good to end with something light (Well, it’s almost the end). This song always lifted up my spirits. After I watched the MV for the first time I have a new respect for it. The band just looks like a couple of friends having fun. Something that simple gets lost in the music world.

Kinoko Teikoku
The beginning of this song reminds me of Weezer, except this band is about a thousand times better (I still love you, Weezer). This is the title track of their new ablum “Fake World Wonderland”. I deemed it the second best album of the year (again, take this seriously because I don’t pick favorites!)  The songs melted together so beautifully, I felt weightless as if I was gently falling down a rabbit hole.

I feel like I’ve just discovered every.single.band.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it. I hope you like the music, but we can still be friends if you didn’t.

Tina out.



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