Slice of life

Hey there, it’s Tina.
It’s overcast, cool, and drizzling. A rare occurrence for this time of year, and it happens to be my favorite kind of weather. July has just begun and the grey light it makes me miss winter. I don’t know what it is, but cooler weather makes me fanciful. I feel as if anything is possible and I love life with the heart of a child. It might be due to the fact that I stay in doors most of that season, and have nothing but my own imagination that I sometimes get trapped inside of.
I make posts about thoughts, opinions, and big events in my life. Today I thought I’d write about what happens on a daily basis. Because that’s something I also want to remember. I’ve been reading and watching people talk about the populous and their camera phones. They scoff at selfies and pictures of their dinners. The pictures of everyday life, they don’t see them as important. I disagree. I think unedited, raw pictures from our live are very important. Pictures I take say more about my life than I could ever write about in my journal. Think of what a gift we have that everyone can document their lives. Take pictures and videos of ourselves and what makes us happy. People see now that everyone has that power that it’s no longer special, but I still think it is.I want to be able to see how much my life has changed over the years. And I enjoy looking into other people’s lives, but even then it’s only a window. It’s not the full story. It’s just a slice of life.
July 7, 2015
After a stressful morning of not passing the driver’s test for the second time, when I got home I was in no hurry to jump into anything productive. I thought I’d let myself have the afternoon to focus on other things, like Korean dramas, writing, and my cat. I guess being homeschooled has given me a “play before you work” attitude. I also haven’t had a lot of mental focus or time to do things like write or read, so I figured with the weather being as it is, I’d do those while I have the chance. Because the week ahead is going to consist of me being my mom’s chauffeur. Actually for the next few months….They’re going to be so busy with things that only indirectly involve me(doctor appointments for my mom and sister) that I have to postpone looking for another job til the fall. That made me feel bad, but I looked on the bright side of things. I might be able to finish projects if I don’t have a job, and finish that reading list I have, and ya know highschool. In the wise words of Ford from Hitchhiker’s Guide, “We still got time!”
I’ve been watching Kill Me, Heal Me since March. A short attention span and slow internet makes it difficult to finish shows. But this drama is so good (review coming soon) that it’s kept me squealing every episode.

My cat kept twitching in her sleep, couldn’t resist staring ^^.

My mom and I both had headaches, probably a combination of the weather and the morning’s events. So I made us some ginger milk tea.
2 cups milk (or half water half milk)
1 tablespoon chopped fresh ginger
3 or 4 black tea bags
1 or 2 tablespoons of sugar
Boil milk over medium heat, add sugar and whisk to let it get all frothy and delicious. If you want it to be REALLY strong add the ginger and let it bubble for a minute or two while. Turn off heat and add the tea bags (and if you want mild ginger flavor, this is where you’d add it). Let sit for 4-5 minutes, strain, and WA LA! (I found two tablespoons to be too much sugar, and I have a sweet tooth, so be cautious.)

^My current reads.
After tv watching I decided to listen to some indie jams and write this post in my favorite spot.

My plan for the rest of the day is to read, finish other blog posts and the short story I started last evening, start my bucket list, clean up from the 4th of July shindig my family hosted this past weekend, and yeah.
This is my life. It’s not what I excepted it to be, but it is mine.
I picked up my new glasses this morning.

Tina out.


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