In the Land of Mary

Almost three months ago I sat alone in the airport. Scenarios of this long awaited trip ran through my head. The usual tropes; having everyone go into an up roar over my witty comebacks, going on small adventures like the characters in my favorite films, and falling in love with strangers that I would never meet again.
I told myself not to get my hopes up, though. Because life never turns out how you imagine it. Hoping that something will match your expectations will only leave you wanting. And it was true that this trip did not match what I had pictured in my head. And I’m very glad of it, because it was so much more.


I walked around a historic downtown with two of my best friends (yes, my siblings are my best friends #homeschooler) and had a photo shoot.


I visited the art Gallery in D.C with two of my oldest and dearest friends. lady.jpg


And then went with one to get lost in the city. While the other waited for us at a coffee shop til they stacked the chairs and locked her in (we eventually found her and made it safely home.)

I sat in coffee shops with a friend for hours, talking about everything we could think of. Christ, love, books, shared memories.

I did so many other things. I picked cabbages, I had many conversations with ridiculous fake accents, I bought a wedding dress, I made friends, I felt loved, I woke up at four AM wondering how things were going to turn out, I grew closer to God, I reconnected, I fell in love again with things that used to bring me joy, I cried on the plane home, I watched the city lights from the plane window like they were stars below me.

And most importantly, I learned how to live life again.



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