You Don’t Need an Excuse to be Broken

I’ve often been the observer of conversations about how individuals shouldn’t be depressed or feel lost because their lives are more privileged than others.
I’ve said this so many times and I will say it once more, human lives are more complicated than we can see. There are ghosts from past and present haunting all of us. They vary in degrees of intensity, but that does not make them any less valid. Life is not a contest of who has it harder, or who has the right to cry over what’s happened to them.  God puts struggles in everyone’s lives and He has His reasons.
As human beings we feel incomplete. We find ourselves lost in life. And that is because there is a hole in our hearts that can only be filled with God. You don’t need an excuse of tragedy to have that in your own heart. Everyone has it, everyone feels it. The world really is dark without Him.
I used to feel so guilty for feeling certain things about my life because others had it differently than I did.  I didn’t even realize I that had a broken heart for so long because it was a different kind. I thought broken hearts were only reserved for romantic break ups or personal tragedy.

All around me I see people’s lives that “aren’t that bad” and they’re suffering. They’re crying behind closed doors and their hearts are broken. We shouldn’t be telling them that their pain is invalid or ungrateful. We should be there with our arms around them, telling them of our Fathers love, because He’s the only one who can heal them.



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