Obscure films and such.

Watch all of these please.


Ok. This movie was a lil weird. It’s about a teacher whose wife leaves him. He basically says “fuck it” to life and his job and spirals into a mildly funny depression. He does a lot of unethical things, but the school can’t fire him. If you’re into The Office, you’ll probably find it enjoyable.

Short Term 12 

What really struck me was how sweet it turned out to be. And not in a way that I’m used to movies being “sweet”.  In a realistic way. The way life is sweet sometimes, even after so many bitter things have happened. This film felt real. Like I was right there watching everything unfold. Like the characters were people I knew, or wanted to know. I  loved this movie in all it’s rawness.
Plot summary: A woman works at a group home for troubled teens. She has to take care of them, including a new girl who she finds many similarities with, as she deals with her own post traumatic stress.

Before We Go 

This movie is directed by Chris Evans himself, (which is think is pretty cool). It follows two strangers who meet in New York one evening and spend the entire night together; wondering around the city, getting into scuffles, crashing a party, ect. That makes it sound very fast paced, but it’s not. The majority of the time the two main characters just talk, and I like that about it. Sara described it as “Calming and atmospheric”. It’s one of those movies you put on really late at night when all the excitement of the day is over and you just need something there.

Before I Disappear 

I stumbled upon all of these movies on Netflix, but this one by far is the most well made in the way of detail. The cinematography, the music, the scenes, neon colors, and dialogue all blended together wonderfully. While I didn’t love all of the characters, I adored the fact that it’s a love story that isn’t focused on romance. It’s about a man taking care of his niece for a night and the drama that comes out of his life to haunt him.
(Did I mention it’s sort of a dark comedy?)

History of Future Folk 

It’s about an alien sent to destroy humans so his own people can inhabit the earth. But upon hearing music for the first time in the middle of a COSTCO he abandons his mission and begins to make his own music. Years later another one of his kind comes to finish the job he started.
At the beginning of this movie you’re going to immediately turn it off. Please don’t. This film is campy, low budget, and completely hilarious.

That’s all I got right now. Happy movie watching.



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