Twenty Sixteen in Retrospect

The world witnessed me in my first year as an adult. Nothing burned down. No one was hurt (ok, no one was hospitalize on my account). Not only did I manage to get by, it actually turned out to be a pretty eventful year. A lot of new faces and first experiences. When I turned eighteen in twenty fifteen I thought I already knew everything there was to know. I found I was incorrect in this sentiment. I matured and grew far more than I ever thought I would in the span of twelve months. While I’m reflecting on this past year, I would like to share a few milestones and favorite moments from it.

April || First real job

When I was terrified on my first day, but I quickly became so fluent in my work that I received a promotion.

April || Prom

That time my best friend invited me to be her senior prom date and we were the only ones dressed in black.

May || Magic Man

The night that was so perfect it must have been fiction. How we went deaf from the speakers and rushed across the busy street.

May || Dystopian dream girl

When I buzzed my hair to a half inch (top right), kept it that way for two months before growing it out.

May || The Novel.

When I started writing the one piece I will actually finish.

July || Cleopatra

The time in the summer when I bought my first vehicle. It may be a little clumsy and slow, but it’s all mine.

July || Inked

When my friend and I spontaneously got tattoos.

September || Have you seen Borns?


When me and the gals were filled with emotion upon seeing The Lumineers and Borns.

October || Visiting Beeker

That time I was able to afford my own plane ticket to visit my sister. And all we did was wander around DC and drink coffee.

November || The mafia

When all of the siblings and their collected families were under one roof for Thanksgiving for the first time in years.

December || First Christmas


When I came home one night with a Christmas tree and decided this would be the year we celebrated it.

December || New Year’s Eve 

Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor

When I thought no one was going to show up, but they all made it and we stayed up til two playing Monopoly.

Happy New Year everyone!


Bonus: All the lit Taco Tuesdays that happened.


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