Jan 3, 2017

If all goes according to plan. In eight weeks time I will be boarding a plane with a one way ticket in hand.
The destination is California. My sister-in-law offered for me to stay with her while my brother will be away for six months. Her and I anticipate it will play out as a sitcom of two young women living together with a baby (my niece). Days filled with witty banter and trips to the beach.
I’m trying not to have too many expectations for this trip, a few of them I’m going to keep to myself. I will tell you my main one; to work on my book.  I don’t have the daft hope I will finish it this year, but I want to at least give it some clarity and order.

My original departure date was mid April. Things changed. Now it’s going to be late February. I started saving from scratch, but I think I can manage it. I know I still have weeks to go, but my mind is beginning to wander there.  Last week I went through my room getting rid of old papers and things I had not used in years. Yesterday I bought summer clothes. And all this time I’ve been avoiding letting the cat out of the bag.
I’ve only told two people in my hometown (outside my family) of this plan. To be frank I’m not sure if anyone else will find out until I have already landed on the other side. Moving away from my hometown has been a dream ever since I could remember. I have always ached to be anywhere else but here. Now that it is happening, it seems unreal. I have come up with so many idle plans in the past. Now that I have one that carries some weight, an escape that is actually going to happen, I want to keep it to myself. I feel if I tell it to the world, that it will collapse in my face and I will be left here, just like all the other times I got my hopes up.
So I’m keeping this secret to myself. It makes it seem more adventurous this way.

– Tina

I will be writing at least one post a month to document my experiences of being away from home.


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