Entry: The one where she can’t think of a title.

March 2nd, 2017

Writing jams: Etta James

Hi, guys.

Missed my deadline with this one.

It feels odd to break the flow of all the somber imagery of my previous posts. I thought the first week in California would have me spilling out pages worth of profound thoughts and feelings. Of moving away from home for the first time. Of feeling as if I were in a film. Of all the emotions that come with trying to figure out all this coming of age shit. But so far there isn’t much to tell? My head has been pretty blank.

My friends keep asking me of all of my adventures. Well, I haven’t scaled any mountains or met any dashing strangers yet. And to my own disappointment I haven’t hit up any of the jazz clubs yet .
(if there are any in San Diego.)

I did go to the aquarium.

Saw a little bit of Balboa Park, but I must see more.

I also went to the Thursday Market in Oceanside. I was told that the one they set up in the evening is far more exciting. I will remember that for next time.

I’ve had a lot of free time. I thought I would utilize it by focusing on writing and sitting in coffee shops.  Zero coffee shops. And minimal writing. That will change soon though. So until next time.

Thanks for reading. Bye guys.


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