About Tina and Sara

My endeavor is to write stories that will completely crush an individual. Tear them down, make them think, and let them know that there isn’t a single person in this world who hasn’t felt that very same way.
I love absurdist fiction, calling famous dead people my “homeboys”, and laying on the floor listening to indie music.
Without Christ I would still be worrying if I was enough. In His love I know that He is not only all of the things that I fall short of, but he also my strength.



For the longest time I’ve wanted to help people. I used to think the only way to do that when I was younger was to become a doctor. So that’s what my 11-year-old mind planned for. Until I started playing music, writing stories, messing around with photography and wanting to make short films. I realized that through these mediums I could still help people as the art of artists, authors and film makers have helped me. I love art because it embodies so many different things that are revealing to who we are as humans.

But I also want to help people by sharing the Gospel with them. I went on a mission trip to Nicaragua in June of 2016 and it made me realize that sharing the Gospel and teaching little kids is something that I love. I feel a call in this direction.

I’m unsure as to what lies ahead of me. I graduated in May of 2016 with the idea of college in my near future.  But I’ve decided to take a gap year, to work, to travel and to discover what I love doing while serving the Lord.

All the good stuff I like: indie music, asoue, all the novels (not really but quite a few), tea, driving in the rain, making people laugh, and Jesus.

Sara lives roughly around an hour away from Tina, with her family in a city that feels all too small and big at the same time. She enjoys; pool sized cups of hot tea, long books and short ones, rainy afternoons, the feel of wet dirt between her toes, pints of strawberries, crisp fall nights, things that make sense and things that contradict each other, and British voices. Sara’s desk is a mess with stacks of textbooks (specifically government and economics at the present), pens, pencils, bobby pins, half finished cups of coffee, empty teacups and a handful of notebooks written in full of unfinished stories, songs and histories. She spends most of her time wanting to make creative things but never actually finishing anything, reading books with tea ALWAYS in hand, and constantly reorganizing her bookcase. Right now, she is struggling between which career path she wants to follow: creative work v. science/medical. Sara dreams of adventure.


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